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Spatial development in South America: A history of failures and late arrivals (DIEEEO43-2016)

The space race not only marked the confrontation between nations, economic and ideological models. It also brought the extension of the biosphere to outer space.

The borders of the international political system have expanded beyond the biosphere, turning outer space into geographical space, thereby encouraging the emergence of new technologies, which have become necessary for the work of civil society, such as GPS and telecommunication services, among others. This is a reality: the defense industry worldwide is focusing its efforts on the development of wits with operational capability in outer space and today all State seeking to change its position in the international order must have space development.

The reality of Latin America and the Chilean case is deeply away from advances in space matters, which is a risk for safeguarding the national interest and even custody of the peaceful use of outer space. Chile and Latin America in general should join the debate as well as join the latest technology to improve areas of human development and custody of their strategic interests.

Author: Victoria Valdivia Cerda


© Copyright 2010 Spanish Institute for Strategic Studies