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The analogy of Islamic radicalisation and a successful marketing campaign (DIEEEO56-2016)

The concept of radicalisation poses an open debate about what it really implies, having been proposed, consequently, multiple theories about how is the process of becoming radicalised. Parting from what it has already been studied, this article has aimed to gather different elements from different approaches and create a new one, establishing links with marketing strategies and understanding the whole process as a result of an elaborated terrorist marketing campaign, which takes advantage of all the inner and outer-influencers of the individual and knows how to employ a powerful and seductive narrative. Thus, the analogy of marketing and terrorism eases to identify the key ingredients of the current terrorist recruitment success, and therefore, might help to act in haste of their movements and improve counter-terrorism measures.

Author: Marta Pons Soler

© Copyright 2010 Spanish Institute for Strategic Studies