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The NIS (Network and Information Systems) Directive (DIEEEO21-2017)

The NIS (Network and Information Systems) Directive, adopted on 9 July 2016, is the first serious attempt by the EU to address the cybersecurity challenge in the current context. Concerns for Cyberspace, are important after the increasingly frequent security incidents that are often carried out by government agents at the service of States. This challenge does not only increase the cybersecurity of people, companies and network operators, but also public critical infrastructures and military systems. To all these areas, the use of cyberspace as a vehicle for political and institutional destabilization is now a reality. Its adoption implies a series of new obligations which are very relevant both for the Member States and for certain actors which, in fact, include main economic agents in sectors so relevant as energy, banking or health. In addition, States should adapt their administrative structures to these new obligations. In short, cyberspace has already become the place where the countries prosperity and security in the near future will be decided. The approval of the NIS Directive to provide greater security to the information systems is an obligation already imposed by Community law under which Spain should not remain in strict regulatory compliance; should go further, creating a strong institutional system that ensures a reasonable level of cybersecurity.

Author: Vicente Moret Millás


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The NIS (Network and Information Systems) Directive
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