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Why Lebanon can not count on an independent foreign policy? (DIEEEO23-2017)

The recent election of General Michel Aoun as Head of State of the Republic of Lebanon has given rise to certain hopes in the Lebanese socio-political reality. Despite this halo of optimism endorsed by the end of the power vacuum since the end of May 2014, it does not appear that the structural problems affecting Lebanon, and especially its inoperative foreign policy, will be solved.

This article aims to show some of the internal and external factors that hinder the formation of a genuine independent foreign policy. In order to understand the impact of these factors, the article will show, on the one hand, some general considerations about Lebanese foreign policy, and on the other, will present its operational paradigms.

The article will conclude by showing some of geopolitical challenges that are hindering the formation and implementation of an independent foreign policy.

Author: Francisco Salvador Barroso Cortés.

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