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The police missions of the Armed Forces in Mexico: a situation of fact without legal regulation (DIEEEO43-2017)

It is good news that, in Mexico, as everything seems to indicate, the Armed Forces will have a legal framework to carry out the police tasks, which have been carried out for more than ten years. FAS should not carry out these tasks, but considering that it is the option adopted, not only in Mexico, but also in the rest of the region, it is advisable to regulate it.

However, a legal statute is not enough, if, as is always the case in Latin America, the FAS will continue to carry out these tasks, in addition to many others, it is necessary to design and plan a process of transformation that ensures that the doctrine, the training, the resources and the equipment are in agreement with the missions they will carry out. Likewise, that its action is regulated and controlled by efficient control mechanisms and that of course, there is a legal framework that guarantees the protection of the military and at the same time the citizens. Only in this way will the democratic framework be guaranteed.

Author: Sonia Alda Mejías


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