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The contribution to security of the technical analysis of the Arabic script (DIEEEO84-2017)

Knowledge of cultural backgrounds, ideological motivation and the spiritual goals of Islamic terrorism are not only an added and marginal aspect of research, but rather have become a priority need and a basic component of the complete redefinition of concept "intelligence" in everything that affects security and the fight against terrorism.

The new perspective takes into consideration the whole cultural universe that encompasses the environment of the investigations carried out on this type of violent actions. This new prism obliges to rescue, analyze and locate in the first line a crucial piece that has not been given the importance required within the realm of intelligence elaborated on the terrorist phenomenon. As a consequence, it did not extract from it all its implicit potential, capable of contributing advances and aid in the systematization and understanding of terrorist conduct. That capital piece alluded to is Arabic script or rather the Arabic graphic-scriptural manifestation.

Although there is still a long way to go, the studies carried out so far on handwritten writing and in general on any scriptural graphic expression as a whole obtained from the open sources already existing in that language not only allow specialized forensic laboratories In their examination, determine the authorship of their executor, in the case of the examination of manuscripts, but can go much further by providing other data of interest, apart from, as we have already mentioned, mere forensics by providing information To obtain the necessary intelligence on the determination of the geographical area or area of origin, the cultural training of its author or other relevant aspects related to the text or graphic manifestation under analysis.

 Author: Dalila Benrahmoune


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