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Biohacking and biohackers: threats and opportunities (DIEEEO93-2017)

The simplification of techniques related to molecular biology and access to knowledge has boosted the development of the DIYBio (Do It Yourself Biology) philosophy worldwide. This movement, promoted even from the universities, tries to transfer knowledge from laboratories to garages by biohackers in the same way as what happened with computer science. The problem that arises is the presumed lack of control of the lines of research that can be carried out and that could lead to unpredictable consequences. It is necessary to promote the ethical behavior of the followers along with a supervision of the security forces, as well as a greater involvement of the administration, together with a greater transparency if it is possible to avoid falling into the sensationalism that could degenerate into a situation of alarm Social. In conclusion, the biohacker movement has arrived to stay so it is fundamental to know who they are, to supervise their work and even to adapt the legislation in case it was necessary to the reality that we are living.

Author: Alberto Cique Moya


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Biohacking and biohackers: threats and opportunities
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