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Takeaway Jihadism: Radicalization Processes in the West (DIEEEO24-2018)

This essay examines the radicalization phenomenon as a pathway to Islamic Terrorism in the West. Throughout the essay the radicalization process is analysed, drawing from the existing literature, paying special attention to the factors that facilitate it and refuting some of the myths that surround it. Biographic data from Islamic Terrorists, drawn from original studies, is used as evidence. These reveal that radicalization is the result of a complex interaction of factors, among which socialization is a prominent one, which render the message of radical Islamism more attractive. The essay suggests a basic model of radicalization for a better understanding of this phenomenon. As a conclusion, a series of recommendations are formulated to address the risks posed by radicalization in a more effective manner.

Documento elaborado por Fernando Álvarez.

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Takeaway Jihadism: Radicalization Processes in the West
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