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The future of operations in the coastal environment: notes for a national debate (DIEEEO73-2018)

The coastal environment concentrates the centers of political and economic power, which provides a high economic relevance and high impact on Western interests. In addition, several domains converge, which contributes to its specificity. But it is also characterized by forming a complex reality, highly urbanized and plagued by threats. A geographical area that is already forcing states to adapt to continue protecting their national interests where and when necessary.

The existing opportunities, but also the challenges, ratify the importance of the projection of national power on the coast from the maritime sphere. However, only those countries that have known how to adapt to a dynamic and uncertain environment, keeping a mentality away from encapsulated or aprioristic thoughts, will be able to exploit the opportunities presented by the future. A projection that, in addition to strategic and tactical importance, provides added value at the political level by enabling it to influence a given situation without the need for support infrastructures or agreements with third countries.

Author:  Samuel Morales Morales


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