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Hezbollah's Role in the Present Israeli-Iranian Confrontation.- Eitan Azani & Ely Karmon

Hezbollah is a key element in the current confrontation between Israel and the Iranian regime. It has been Tehran’s main tool in its fight against the existence of Israel since 1982. There is a symbiotic relationship between Iran and Hezbollah, which is considered a proxy of the Iranian regime completely aligned with it, or more exactly, part and parcel of the theocratic regime. The organization was formed by the Iranian regime, militarily armed, trained and advised by the Islamic Republic’s Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) Al Quds Force, ideologically and politically subservient to Ayatollah Khamenei and not to the Lebanese President, Parliament or government.

Author: Eitan Azani y Ely Karmon.

© Copyright 2010 Spanish Institute for Strategic Studies