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Inequality and political instability in Latin América: the protests in Ecuador, Chile and Colombia.- Mayumi Yasunaga Kumano.

After going through a cycle of economic growth and political stability, Latin America is mired in a scenario of political instability, worsening economic conditions and deterioration of the social status of the population, which had improved during the virtuous cycle from the year 2003 to 2014. Those factors have provoked electoral defeats for several governments and social protests that have shaken the region. In those protests there are several problems mixed such as corruption, institutional fragility, rejection of traditional parties, poverty, insecurity or inequality. Inequality has been since long time ago one of the main ingredients of the Latin American citizen’s frustration and it’s going to be the main point of this document.

This document is only available in Spanish.

Document written by  Mayumi Yasunaga Kumano. Lawyer

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