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International shipping between climate change and the coronavirus.- Bartolomé Cánovas Sánchez.

Maritime transport is the principal mean of commercial exchange in the current globalized world. It practically manages to move more than the 90% of the goods and it also offers many advantages in relation to other means of transport. Some of those benefits are the cost of freights, less environmental pollution and the avoidance of the congestion on the roads. However, nowadays maritime transport is undergoing complex transformation processes such as the implementation of the doble hull for tankers, the modification of propulsion systems for environmental reasons and the increase of the tolls in the Panama Canal due to the last droughts. As of right now, the emergence of the COVID-19 is having a negative significant impact not only on this strategic means of transport but also on cruises.

Document written by Bartolomé Cánovas Sánchez. Captain OF-5. Master in Peace, security and international conflicts.

Note: The full document is only available in Spanish.


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