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The implications of water as a strategic resource: Water stress and conflict in the Sahel region.- Marta Montero Blanco.

The threat posed by climate change is multiplied in countries that do not have the necessary infrastructure to promote the resilience of their population. In the Sahel region, water stress resulting from poor government and structural marginalization of rural areas, has strained the previous socioeconomic grievances of those communities. As a result, this situation generates certain regional dynamics which allow the emergence of non-state armed groups. This paper will study the increasingly complex relationship between water scarcity and social instability, leading in some cases to the emergence of terrorist groups. Finally, the paradigmatic cases of Boko Haram in Nigeria, the AQIM settlement in Mali and the Darfur conflict in Sudan will be analysed.

Documento written by Marta Montero Blanco. Student of Master of Geopolitics and Strategic Studies (UC3M). 

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