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Action of the Armed Forces in the COVID-19 crisis.- CCDC Doctrine Section.

There are many of us who would have liked to have collaborated more actively in the direct fight against COVID-19, framed in one of the units of Operation Balmis. Unfortunately, this has not been possible because each one of us must be where he or she belongs, effectively carrying out the tasks of his or her post.
For the extraction and proposal of contributions that may be useful, the crisis caused by the spread of the SARS-COV-2 virus (COVID-19 disease) has been structured in four phases. This structuring will allow us to present a series of activities and measures that should have been taken in each phase, to face the crisis in the best possible conditions. Finally, the proposals that could be of interest in the future are developed, which are the final objective of this document.

Document written by CCDC of CESEDEN. Doctrine Section.

Note: The full document is only available in Spanish.

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Action of the Armed Forces in the COVID-19 crisis.
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