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Iraq and Lebanon on the Razor's Edge, resurgence of protest.- Elena Labrado Calera.

Confinement remains, the health threat of the coronavirus pandemic continues, and yet the streets of major cities in Iraq and Lebanon have once again been filled with protesters. By car, wearing a mask, keeping their distance, but they are protesting again. As some argue when asked, they have reached a point where they are more afraid of hunger than of COVID-19.
This is because the constraints resulting from governments' efforts to halt the spread of the virus are also causing new poverty, new misery and, therefore, new currents of discontent among the poorest sectors of the workforce.
In this document, we will analyse the situation that countries such as Lebanon and Iraq are experiencing as a result of the discontent of the less favoured sectors of the population.

Document written by Elena Labrado Calera. Journalist. Geopolitics analyst for MENA.

Note: The full document is only available in Spanish.

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