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The War of Perception in the COVID-19 crisis.- Jorge Abad Soto.

The United States of America and the People's Republic of China are waging a "war of perception", an unarmed conflict over control of the COVID-19 pandemic ́s "narrative". Both nations try to answer the questions that arise from international society in this regard. The most devastating pandemics in history do not understand borders or social classes, but losing a "war of perception" in one of them may mean taking on some "fundamental psychosocial processes" for the people of that country and writing another chapter in their "black legend". The "current of extrapolation from reality" necessarily requires knowledges about who says what?, who is it aimed at?, and what media or channels is it being carried out  with?, as well as, the elements and characteristics of the new «persuasion mechanisms» typical of the s. XXI. The controversial 5G network, new platforms like WeChat, some of the new evolving tactics such as the production of disinformation campaigns undercover by bots, along with other new tactics yet to be discovered, pose a challenge to national security. Who are able to control all these new technologies, they will control the "truth".

Jorge Abad Soto. Graduate in International Relations. Intelligence analyst.

Note: The full text document is only available in spanish.

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The War of Perception in the COVID-19 crisis.
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