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The end of India’s strategic ambiguity?- Mikel Herrera Pilar.

The world’s geopolitical center of gravity is shifting towards the Indian Ocean Region (IOR), where Modi’s India has claimed its leadership role as security provider in response to China’s regional aspirations. Aware of the latter’s superiority, Delhi resorts to strategic hedging against Beijing –by balancing the latter while cooperating in common multilateral platforms–, which gives India greater leverage to project its influence on the region while avoiding an undesirable confrontation. In recent years, India’s foreign policy in the IOR has combined a limited alignment with the West and its traditional strategic autonomy, i.e. engaging with multiple actors on tactical convenience. However, in view of the need for a long-term strategy, there are now calls for greater realism. India’s foreign policy should seek convergences instead of conveniences, while leading security cooperation with the IOR neighbours and middle powers to contain China’s assertiveness.

Document written by Mikel Herrera Pilar. Student in the master of Geopolitics and Strategic Studies. Universidad Carlos III Madrid.

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The end of India’s strategic ambiguity?
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