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Social networks and morality in combat.- Jesús Alberto García Riesco.

The social networks generate ‘behavioral additions’ in many consumers, that are usually attached to the screen several hours a day. They capture a large amount of data that the users give freely while they have access to large corporations (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft) and determine their behavior.

Scientific (persuasive) propaganda, which has cohesive and strengthened nations in the face of the greatest difficulties, has given way to participatory propaganda through social networks, the new and powerful propaganda medium of the 21st century that “creates the truth and determines behavior". The US administration's alliance with film studios (Washington-Hollywood), achieved through persuasive propaganda that Western societies turn to the effort to win the two world wars. Similarly, the existence of the alliance between the liberal state and large corporations (Washington-Silicon Valley) allows, in principle, through participatory propaganda to maintain the values of the Enlightenment, even if it is at the expensive price of giving up our privacy.

However, the technological superiority that dictates behaviors may pass in the near future from the liberal state to the totalitarian state and yield to nations that do not develop the necessary combat morale in order to face a war.

Document written by Jesús Alberto García Riesco. Colonel of the Army (retired). MsC in Political Sciences.

Note: The full text document is only available in spanish.

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Social networks and morality in combat.
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