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Post-pandemic challenges? China moves forward.- Águeda Parra Pérez.

In an increasingly globalized world, the COVID-19 pandemic has spread as a tsunami throughout all the countries without exception. This situation has created the perfect storm for the fusion of new technologies to show off its full potential, thus becoming a differential value to contain the spread. In this scenario, China, and other Asian countries, have stood out for having a digital ecosystem that in the European Union is expected to become fully reached within the time horizon ending in 2030.

The pandemic has made China's rising technological power more prominent, and the dimension of the global health crisis has allowed the Asian giant to play a global role in the international sphere. In the economic downturn following this outbreak, both soft power and the geopolitics of technology may become game changers strengthening China's international image and may even promote a change in the prevailing global power structure.

Document written by Águeda Parra Pérez. Engineer, sinologist and PhD in Political Sciences.

Note: The full text document is only available in spanish.

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Post-pandemic challenges? China moves forward.
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