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COVID-19 geostrategy: between conspiratorial crusades and their consequences.-Carmen Saiz de Tejada

COVID-19, and its global spread, is creating a new climate of tension. In this new casual or causal scenario, everyone plays their cards, taking advantage of a crisis that begins with health, to end up seriously affecting world economies, while lives, jobs, status, are left.
The main political agents outline strategies to achieve power. The battle has just begun. In the race for dominance, every tactic works. Is the pandemic one of them? A scenario created for the achievement of its purposes. Or perhaps, the scenario that nature has created, is it´s being used for its intentions?
With the pandemic spreading, another enemy. Fear. Originating at the epicentre of the pandemic, it silences testimonies, sows doubt, and creates mistrust in the fight between Titans for world positioning. And all of them will have consequences on the new normality, which is yet to come.

Document written by Carmen Saiz de Tejada. PhD student of International Security. Instituto Universitario Gutiérrez Mellado IUGM.

Note: The full text document is only available in spanish.


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