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Central America against the COVID-19.- Cecilia Graciela Rodríguez.

The arrival of COVID-19 added more complexity and uncertainty to a rather turbulent and unstable regional scenario. As observed in the European continent, which faced COVID-19 weeks before its arrival in the American continent, the pandemic not only has strong effects in the field of health, it also has a great impact on economic growth. and social development.

Central America faces the coronavirus in a complex economic, political, and social context. According to ECLAC data, the countries of the region are experiencing low growth, especially in the context of high inequality and vulnerability, of which poverty and extreme poverty are on the rise, with weakened social cohesion and expressions of dissatisfaction citizen.

Taking this context into account, the objective of this document is to analyse the arrival of COVID-19 in the Central American region, considering the unequal situation in each of the countries, which highlights the response capacity, as well as the reaction of each one of the governments in the face of this crisis. Likewise, a series of possible consequences are outlined in the political, economic, and social spheres, once the pandemic has been overcome.

Document written by Cecilia Graciela Rodríguez. Universidad de Salamanca.

Note: The full text document is only available in spanish.

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Central America against the COVID-19.
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