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The fact checking. The news verification agencies in Spain.- Fernando Rojas Caja.

The current crisis in the media and the explosion of the social networks has created an ideal breeding ground for the development and multiplication of fake news and disinformation. One of the tools made available to citizens to facilitate the identification of fake news and reduce its dissemination are the fact checkers. These agencies develop all the necessary processes to determine the degree of veracity of a piece of news. The international standard for this type of agency is set by the International Fact Checking Network through a code of principles to which agencies wishing to be part of this network of verifiers must adhere. In Spain there are currently three news verification agencies that are members of the IFCN: Newtral, EFE Verifica y

Document written by Fernando Rojas Caja. Major of the Army, DEM. Teacher of Leadership in ESFAS.

Note: The full text document is only available in spanish. 

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