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Islamist movements in Spain (DIEEEM01-2012)

The aim of this article is to present, in a structured way, potential Islamist movements located in Spain. It will address the history, ideology, and their possible connections in our nation, always based on open sources of information, cited and referenced.
The breadth of the issue means that, at least at this early stage, the analysis focuses on the following groups: Muslim Brotherhood, Justice and Spirituality, Takfir wal-Hijra, and Jama'a al-Tabligh al-Da'wa.

According to Javier Jordan, "Jihadist radicalization processes in Spain. Socio-political analysis on three levels”, the wide range of freedoms in countries like Spain, as the freedom of expression and association, and the extensive judicial guarantees, paradoxically represent an advantage for movements to disseminate messages contrary to democratic systems or messages that could pursue even radicalization. Clearly separating the concepts of Islam and jihad, and although in general these groups condemn violence, they can disseminate a range of principles contrary to our democratic and constitutional values, or contrary to the integration into the society of residence, in addition to implementing feelings of marginalization or victimization, that could serve as a breeding ground for jihadist recruitment.

Author: José María Blanco Navarro & Óscar Pérez Ventura



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Islamist movement in Spain
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