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Electronic Administration, CIS, ICT, IT and other modern labels in the field of the Department of Defense (DIEEEM16-2013)

The Information Technology is an indispensable tool in any modern organization, public or private. Moreover, its design, implementation and operation involve significant investments and consumption of economics resources, but, in the eyes of managers, the return of such investment and the resulting increase in productivity are not always obvious, because of the frequent absence of indicators and measures that are able to demonstrate the Value of Information Technology for the corporation cornerstone for the integration between business departments and Information Technology is the identification of Information as the main corporate resource and asset. This is key to identify how the enterprise information architecture is articulated across corporate business processes. Similar is the problem in the security and defense organizations around the world, such as the Spanish Ministry of Defense. Fortunately, there are several international methodologies, standards and benchmarks, collecting the knowledge and experience accumulated, over several five-year periods, for all types of organizations, mark out the path of excellence, effectiveness and efficiency in the use of Information Technology.

Author: Jesús Gómez Ruedas


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