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Analysis document: Iraq in 2014: Return to the past

Ten years after the beginning of the violence, Iraq continues plunged in an implacable fight of power between Sunnis and Shiites, without the general elections scheduled for the next April 30 being perceived by the population as a solution. Since the departure of the US troops in December 2011, the situation in Iraq has deeply deteriorated. The disability of the Government of Nuri al Maliki to manage the frustration of the Sunni minority can be considered the main reason for the deterioration of the security in Iraq, especially in Anbar a western province composed of a Sunni majority. This climate of confrontation created new opportunities for the ascent of groups tied to Al Qaeda, in particular the so called Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), an organization that had been debilitated by the joint action of US military forces and the Sunni militias in the year 2008 and whose actions have been greatly reinforced by the proximity of the Syrian conflict.

Author: Ignacio Fuente Cobo


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Iraq in 2014: Return to the past
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