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Opinion document: Diploma in Computer Military, strategic resource

There are several types of tests to check the quality and security of software, each of which has its own requirements and scope. Among them the white-box testing and code review are those that will give the customer a better view of the quality and safety of software, but they require the client side to have properly trained staff to do them. They also require that that staff is familiar with the design and structure of the source code.
The COTS (Commercial off the shelf) software is usually the cheapest but it is very difficult to control, by the customer, the quality and safety of it, which can be inconvenient.
Own development can provide the maximum control of the software, but requires properly trained personnel.
Tailored software can provide certain levels of control, especially in the case of joint development between the company and the customer. It also requires own staff with appropriate training.
Within the Armed Forces there are officers and NCOs with Military Diploma in Software Engineering and Programmer Course, denominations may vary in each of the Armies and Navy, or university degree in Computer Engineering, Grade or Master, or apprenticeship in software engineering. These staffs are of strategic importance because they are the ones that could exercise control of software quality and safety of both internal and tailored developments.
The logical process to demonstrate that graduates in military computer science are a strategic military resource has five steps. First it is the established the need of software quality and security controls, then the types of quality control and common security software are described, in the next step it is explained when these checks can be made and what is needed to carry them out. In the fourth step the three basic systems for obtaining the software are examined from the viewpoint of quality and safety control then in the fifth step it is analysed from the point of view of maintenance. Finally we conclude that graduates are a strategic resource.

Author: José Tomás Hidalgo Tarrero


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Diploma in Computer Military, strategic resource
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