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Analysis document: The Ideological War and Magical Thinking

One of the main reasons for military interventions in the past decade´s conflicts in theaters like Afghanistan or Iraq, has been the ideological vision of the conflicts. The problem that poses this operational concept is that the level of ambition it demands is very high commensurate to the military efforts we are ready to assume. That translates into default strategy and conflict ´s stagnation. We can say that ideological concepts make military intervention easier but it´s not enough to produce it and much less to win. In order to achieve it stronger reasons are required closer to political realism and the defense of the national interest. Therefore, to succeed in modern conflicts coherent strategies are demanded, strategies that start with the wished endstate and continue with the definition of the way to get there and the capabilities required. That demands to limit the level of ambition and to compromise means in accordance with the objectives.

Author: Ignacio Fuente Cobo


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The Ideological War and Magical Thinking
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