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Opinion document: The Strategic Role of Energy Resources

The features defining the current power scene emerged, to a large extend, in 1973 after the Yom Kippu War. Since then, the strategic role of the energy resources has been so much developed that it seems to be inherent to the own nature of the hydrocarbons. The deployment of this role has been spurred by the unequal allocation of oil and gas fields, the geographical dissociation between production and consumption, the energy dependence in order to get welfare and economic growth and the rising of the power demand.
Because of this reasoning, the searching of power security is a priority for the consumer countries. But this security is not exempted from threats, which are often represented by the use of the power as a diplomatic weapon by producer countries.
Although we have this event threatening many different areas, new scenarios are arising and bringing about a new cycle for the redefinition of traditional features of the international power market.

Author: Ana Valle Padilla


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The Strategic Role of Energy Resources
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