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Opinion document: Engineering of the Software and Cybersafety

There is a tendency to think that cybersecurity is just to add hardware subsystems and software to our computer system. There is also a tendency to belittle software engineering, some have written that software engineering should not be an engineering, however, since the late 60s, just after a conference on software engineering sponsored by NATO held between the 7th and 11th October 1968 in Garmisch, Germany, much has been written about the techniques and procedures of software engineering which are applied in a more or less generalized and complete way.
To demonstrate the relationship between software engineering and cybersecurity a logical process has been followed. First it demonstrates the need for software engineering by demonstrating the falsity of some of the most pernicious myths about software development. The second step is to show that software engineering is required to develop quality software. In the third the relationship between quality software and secure software is established. Finally, the relation between secure software and cybersecurity is determined so that the relationship between software engineering and cybersecurity is established.
Finally the impact of human factors in software engineering and therefore in cybersecurity is briefly discussed.

Author: José Tomás Hidalgo Tarrero


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Engineering of the Software and Cybersafety
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