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Analysis document: Lybia, the war of all against all

Three years after the revolution that led to the fall of the dictator Gaddafi, the Libyan state remains in the process of decomposition with a chaotic political and security situation. The Country has now two parliaments, an exiled government exiled in Tobruk, thousands of kilometers from the capital, an incompetent army and a proliferation of militias, opposed to each other. This makes good Governance impossible. At a time when Western governments have concluded the evacuation of its diplomatic staff, and Tripoli airport, the main route of entry into the country, the same as large parts of it, are in the hands of Islamist groups, the situation could hardly be worse. The recent military intervention by states such as Qatar, UAE and Egypt in the Libyan conflict, threatens to extend it to the regional level. With all stakeholders considering Libya as a zero-sum game, breaking this perverse dynamic will result enormously complicated and will require greater international involvement and commitment from all parties. If a reasonable solution that focused on stabilizing the situation is not achieved, Libya will eventually become a permanent regional security problem, whose effects will be felt throughout the Mediterranean.

Author: Ignacio Fuente Cobo


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Lybia, the war of all against all
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