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The progress of jihadism in Burkina Faso.- María Rodríguez González

Burkina Faso is a country situated in the Sahel, a region in which countries like Mali and Niger are also located and with which it shares realities and problems. Among the difficulties of these countries we can found Jihadism, which has emerged recently. And the thing is that, unlike its neighbours, Burkina Faso had been protected from the Jihadist threat by means of agreements between the government and fundamentalists. However, after the fall of the 27-year regime of Blaise Compaoré President, these agreements left too, in this way, clear path to Jihadists to attack inside the Burkina Faso borders. In this document it is explained the reality change of this Sahelian country since 2015, year when it suffered the first attack; and how the Jihadist threat advance in its territory, not only for the violence imported by terrorist groups coming from Mali which attack Burkina Faso too, but for the emergence of a new Jihadist group in December of 2016 with Burkinabe roots, the Ansarul Islam, created by Ibrahim Malam Dicko, a radical imam native to the North of the country, the most endangered area by the jihadism in Burkina Faso.

Author:  María Rodríguez González


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