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The Tuareg people and their role in the conflict in Mali (DIEEEO75-2013)

The war of Mali is another rebellion tuareg wich they have joined a series of external factors, the most important of them it is Al-Qaeda from Islamic Maghrib -AQMI-, which always opportunist, has transformed this conflict partly of his global fight. In this way the tuaregs have turned into laborers of AQMI and anothers jihadists groups as Ansar Dine. Though the events have woken up the conscience and the rebelliousness of many tuaregs to being subdued by the fundamentalism, in the current moment there is indispensable de dialog and the solution of the struggle tuareg: it will be the way towards the end of the conflict, the stabilization of the territory and the disappearence of the suitable favorable environment for terrorist organizations, wich it is not other one that the battle and the descontrol. For all this, the path of the peace and of the stability in Mali happens obligatory for the people tuareg.

Author: Manuel Moraleda Martín-Peñato



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The Tuareg people and their role in the conflict in Mali
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