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The new European Commission: The need for leathership (DIEEEO139-2014)

An ambitious agenda for the new Commission has been presented by his President Jean-Claude Juncker. It seems, we can presume a performance more robust with great political ambition, by a Commission supported by a majority of the European Parliament, with strong and secure alliances. But the Agenda has difficulties to become a reality in several of its priorities. What finally seems to be overlooked is the false dilemma between austerity and growth, impasse that has paralyzed the decision process during these years of crisis. In this sense the big stake is to mobilize, in the so-called Juncker Fund, a amount of 300,000 million euros from public and private sources to fight against the unemployment, a Keynesianism of low cost. But we start from a position of weakness. The European Union has managed to avoid the third setback after the initial crisis of 2008, we are not technically in recession but we are anchored into stagnation. No doubt, it will be a herculean task for President Juncker to reverse this situation.

Author: Santos Castro Fernández


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