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The future of the Nuclear Tactical Weapon of the NATO (DIEEEO94-2014)

Despite the fact that nowadays there is an active agenda for disarmament and non-proliferation of nuclear weapons in the western world, the U.S. still has more than 250 tactical nuclear weapons deployed in Europe that are assigned to NATO. If, moreover, we take into account that at present the tensions that caused that deployment have eased, that the military usefulness of tactical nuclear weapons is very limited, and that most of the NATO countries where they are located have expressed their wish to remove them from their territories, we might well ask ourselves why these armaments are still deployed on European soil.
There are multiple reasons for keeping these armaments in Europe, but all of them are focused on the fact that, at present, nuclear armaments are considered a key political tool by the international community - a much more important role than their military usefulness.
This article is concerned with the study of the role that nuclear weapons play in the international strategic scene – in particular, in the relations between NATO, U.S. and Russia - and with the factors that hinder their reduction in Europe and their redeployment to U.S. soil.

Author: José L. Ortíz-Cañavate Levenfeld


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