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The violence in the human companies. New connotation on the violence: The tyrannicide (DIEEEO95-2014)

As a response to tyranny, understood as the action carried out by the governor that deviates from the common good of society, a reflection about western thinking is going to start, that will travel from the Greek world up to the medieval world of tyranny and in some cases of tyrannicide. In this piece of work we collect the rise and evolution of a new connotation about violence, throughout a theoretical route about the development of one of the public doctrines that will be spread by thinkers and philosophers, from the ancient Greece, up to the XVIII century with the publication of the Royal Decree of 23rd May 1767. Furthermore, we analyze how a theorization and a systematic justification that goes through a tactical and strategic application of phenomena based on violence and terror, will make possible the resumption and renewal of tyrannicide, that will arise in the considered first wave of modern terrorism, inspired in anarchist statements that will direct their actions against the players in the political power of the time.

Author: Luis A. Aparicio-Ordás González-García


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