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The new Silk Road-TPP (DIEEEO138-2015)

China and the United States are associates even if day after day they become more antagonistic, as reveals Barack Obama's decision to transform Asia into a strategic priority for the American Foreign Policy by reinforcing military alliances with its regional partners as well as, in the economic field, by signing the major commercial pact in history: the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Peking perceives Washington's conduct as an attempt to contain China and to limit its rise. Its response has been a triple challenge. Military, focused in giving a strong booth to the modernisation and capacities of its Navy. Diplomatic, with the sovereign vindications in the East China Sea and of 80% of the South China Sea, and the construction of artificial harbors with runway facilities in some of the islands. And economic, based on the recovery of the historic Silk Road which, having adopted the name One Belt, One Road (B&R), is a titanic global infrastructure plan that expects to foster along its path commercial and cultural exchanges. This article refers to the economic initiatives lead by China and the USA.

Author: Georgina Higueras y Rumbao


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The new Silk Road-TPP
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