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The Glacier Arctic Ocean (DIEEEO80-2015)

The Glacier Arctic Ocean is located in the North of the Planet, surrounded with lands of two continents and communiqué with the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean. Five countries have coasts in its waters, all of them members of the NATO, except Russia. The space considered Arctic extends to eight countries.
The Artic area has been apart from the balance of power due to the little population and the difficulties for the exploration and exploitation of the natural resources, but its importance is increasing nowadays. The main factors that explain it are: global warming and the increase ot the tension between Russia and NATO. In this context all the countries attempt to demonstrate their rights on the territorial waters and the botton of the Ocean, in some areas not well delimitate.
The Artic Council is an organization for cooperation and debate with participation of the eight Artic Countries, associations of indigenous peoples where observers from no artic areas are accepted. Actually the Artic Council is chaired by United States, who recently replaced to Canada.

Author: Javier del Valle Melendo


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The Glacier Arctic Ocean (DIEEEO80-2015)
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