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Angola: Three decades of war to peace builder (DIEEEO21-2016)

Located on the West coast of Africa, northern Namibia and southern Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola is currently the fourth largest producer of diamonds in the world and the second oil producer in Sub-Saharan Africa, after Nigeria. The country gained independence from Portugal in 1975, after a long war that began in 1961. However, a deep ethnic and ideological crack in the country avoided independence was accompanied by peace. The declaration of independence was immediately followed by a bloody civil war that ravaged the country for 27 years and ended in 2002.
Since then, the African country has experienced a significant growth and currently enjoys a remarkable political, social and economic stability. This, together with its work on bringing peace to the continent, has led the country to be elected to the United Nations Security Council during this year 2015. However, either through lack of information, either through lack of interest, Angola has staid, for Spanish people, unfairly anchored in its civil war.

Author: Nuria Fernández de la Fuente


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Angola: Three decades of war to peace builder
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