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The Spanish energy strategy in the Gulf of Guinea.- José Félix Velasco González-Calvo

The swiftness with which strategic issues develop is even clearer in the field of energy since the pace of changes is extremely high and any unforeseen consequences can be decisive for the economy of an unprepared country. As such, the past decade has brought a multitude of events that have shifted both the international supply and demand of energy. From the Spanish perspective, this has implied a progressive approach to Western Africa, specifically to the countries of the Gulf of Guinea, where most Atlantic African gas and oil producers concentrate. However, the increase in energy dependence has not been accompanied by the strengthening of bilateral relations but by a proportional increase in the exposure to the major risks in the area. For all this, updating the Spanish energy strategy in the Gulf of Guinea to the new reality is a pressing matter of relevance which should be complemented by the strengthening of international relations with the countries of the area within the scope of the European Union’s external action plan.

Author: José Félix Velasco González-Calvo


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The Spanish energy strategy in the Gulf of Guinea
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