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China in Asia-Pacific (DIEEEO17-2017)

Over the last few decades, both warfare updates and increases in the defence budgets have remained constant in the Asia-Pacific. The economic growth experienced by the majority of countries in the region over that period has been only one of the elements conducive to that situation. In fact, the aforementioned dynamics have continued even in the context of certain economic slowdown.


In this sense, we can consider there is a broad range of factors which has impelled the different actors to pursue such warfare updates. Among those factors we could stress the Chinese weapons acquisitions and, more broadly, the Chinese Revolution in Military Affairs.

At the same time, we should take into account how those changes in the People’s Republic of China have given rise to the reaction of some other actors with an important role in the region, the United States, to begin with.

At this point and, in relation with de debate regarding the existence of an arms race in the region we are dealing with in this pages, we consider that it would be possible to perceive such dynamic, indeed.

Author: Gracia Abad Quintanal


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China in Asia-Pacific
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