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The Maritime Administration, scope and dimensions (DIEEEO32-2017)

Having an administrative organization capable to face the demands arising from the maritime environment is paramount. In the case of Spain, this requirement is even more urgent because of its geographical location, more than 7,900 km of coast and its maritime interests beyond our waters, depends greatly on the sea and its resources. This circumstance makes it necessary to draw attention from the public administrations to these activities and, consequently, to establish the most agile and appropriate channel to ensure proper direction and control of State Action at Sea, as well as coordination of the stakeholders and means available to carry them out with the most effectiveness and efficiency in the use of means.

The State already has this administrative organization, known as the "Maritime Administration" and is understood as the set of maritime activities, which brings together all the organs of State administration involved, whose purpose is to exercise the direction, control and coordination of the Action of the State at Sea.  

Author: Ignacio Frutos Ruiz y Gonzalo Antequera Becerra


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The Maritime Administration, scope and dimensions
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