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The weakness of Europe (DIEEEO55-2017)

In a thousand years (from 900 to 1900) Europe went from being irrelevant to dominating the world and imposing its languages ​​and ideas. Such a feat was possible mainly because of the military organization and the technology of gunpowder, but above all because of the religiosity of the combatants and the cohesion of the small groups.

Europe, which has given the world Christian humanism, is weak because from its enlightened vision renounces the gods, ignoring that man is more emotional than rational. Since World War II, it lacks a culture of defense and, consequently, a response to the current threats: the chaos in the Middle East, the attacks of Russia and Turkey and the isolationism of the United States.

There is only a future with a common spiritual essence on which to base the indispensable political union and single army. Europe will be itself if has a soul, that is to say, if it passes from living comfortably in the present generalities of universal acceptance to face the threats with the values ​​that allowed it to conquer the world.

Author: Jesús Alberto García Riesco


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The weakness of Europe
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