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The European Union against the financing of terrorism (DIEEEO65-2017)

Ignacio Echeverría gathers many virtues of a nowadays hero, for example: altruism, integrity, willingness to serve, courage, self-denial or surrender to others. Some of these virtues are traditionally considered military attributes, but they are not exclusive characteristics of a soldier. These virtues also belong to those people who are governed themselves at every time by their own personal commitment, like Ignacio did. Among these virtues discipline and integrity are cornerstones. The integrity to know what correspond do and the discipline to do it. Ignacio could not help doing what he had to do on June 4.He was coherent with the values that always inspired him: honesty and rectitude. His professional commitment as an analyst for the prevention of money laundering or his private life next to his family and friends is certainly an example of service to others. Ignacio could not choose to continue being an anonymous hero; he only acted according to his principles.

The Spanish think-tank Instituto Español de Estudios Estratégicos, integrates strategic thinking from an open perspective, in which are integrated armed forces, academic institutions and civil society. Its task is based on the principle of freedom of thought and expression, to develop a sense of security and defense, a work of all in which Ignacio today and always will be a referent.

Author:  Javier de Carlos Izquierdo.


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