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Argentina: a strategic paradox (DIEEEO05-2018)

The present analysis seeks to awaken a disruptive thought, about who are we and where are we Argentines going? Addressing the discussion from a strategic perspective in which for the exercise of this art we will use the technique of analyzing past issues, in the evaluation process of who are we? And to look at the future we will do it from a limited prospective framework, which will allow us to search the place where are we going?

It will be carried forward through the problem of Natural Resources (RRNN), and will focus in 2 cases on the Aerospace, as a source of wealth in itself, and as a means to realize the protection and care of other resources of the Argentine Republic and for this case, its interaction with water and its problems of scarcity at the end of the 21st century

The prospective work, intends to carry out an analysis about the strategic conception Argentina and as in the last 40 years, the policy has systematically minimized the need to have a long-term national strategy that ensures from the aerospace, the protection and care of the natural resources (RRNN) focus of future conflicts.

Author:  Alejandro Aníbal Moresi


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Argentina: a strategic paradox
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