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Towards a sustainable security policy in El Salvador (DIEEEO42-2018)

26 years after the peace agreements that put an end to the armed conflict, El Salvador continues being a country plagued by violence. During the last four administrations, both the old guerrilla FMLN and the conservative party ARENA have launched different security plans to combat the maras, the main armed groups in the country responsible for almost 16,000 murders in the last four years. However, the effect of different security plans has been limited, as these have not been able achieve a sustainable reduction in homicides for over than two years in a row. Among the main bottlenecks faced by the Salvadoran State in the implementation of these plans are unequal funding, and lack of a structural approach, as well as structural factors such as a growing deterioration of the social fabric. This article analyzes these limitations while considering possible actions to promote comprehensive, multiparty, and sustainable pacification efforts in the most violent countries in the world.

Author: Sofía Martínez Fernández


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Towards a sustainable security policy in El Salvador
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