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A culture of ideas as a tool to face the change (DIEEEO50-2018)

Change is, paradoxically, the only constant in the operational environment in which Armed Forces will carry out their activities during the upcoming years. Complexity, ambiguity, uncertainty and a permanent state of contest are characteristics of the new international arena, in which new actors, often of non-state nature, make their appearance. At the same time, the exponential technological growth fosters an unstoppable interconnection and promotes major changes in modern societies. Those changes favour in turn new faces of conflict, which is extended to domains such as cyberspace or cognition, and in which the mere possession of more conventional means does not always guarantee combat superiority.

To face this situation, the Armed Forces must understand and internalize the new dynamics, get ahead of the next change, while opting for creativity, experimentation and new ideas, as essential resources to win in this new international competition for innovation, which is destined to replace traditional, past arms races. The commitment to innovation, based on values ​​and leadership, must be feasible and accepted by all, which means to integrate this mindset into a solid, well founded organizational culture.

Author: Luis Alberto Hernández García


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A culture of ideas as a tool to face the change
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