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Radiological and nuclear terrorism: definition, nature, scenarios and deterrence.- Edgar Jiménez García

This article seeks to analyze and understand the radiological and nuclear terrorism phenomenon in order to develop adequate strategies for its deterrence and to address the different scenarios in which it can manifest. Starting from the legal definition of radiological and nuclear terrorism, this paper elaborates a study of its main characteristics, focusing on the non-state nature of the terrorist actors within the context and dynamics of the second nuclear age.

Based on this analysis, this paper will briefly portrait the different scenarios that can be encountered when addressing a case of nuclear terrorism, mainly, the liberation of radiological and nuclear elements and possession of nuclear artifacts and elements by terrorist non-state actors. Finally, several adapted deterrence strategies are proposed, crystalized in deterrence by punishment and deterrence by denial.

Author: Edgar Jiménez García. Estudiante del Máster Universitario en Geopolítica y Estudios Estratégicos.Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.

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