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A nuclear button that works.- Sam Ysebaert.

This paper attempts to shed light on the North Korean nuclear programme. First, the paper takes a brief look at its origins, followed by a strategic analysis of the North’s ballistic missiles and how they fit in the larger DPRK armed forces. Then I compare this to other actors in the region, specifically the United States, for an in-depth strategic analysis. This paper concludes that the new North Korean ICBM’s have profoundly altered the balance of power in the region as they have established a two-layered deterrence aimed at the United States. Furthermore, given the military and geopolitical restrictions of the DPRK, these newfound capabilities likely won’t be surrendered through economic or diplomatic pressure, for as they constitute the core of DPRK defence policy. As this drastically undermines the credibility of the US’ commitment to the ROK, future policy should be aimed at strengthening cooperation within the alliance and fortifying US presence in the region.


Document written by Sam Ysebaert. Student of the Master of Geopolitics and Strategic Studies. Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. Mentored by professor José Luis Pontijas, Colonel analyst of IEEE


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El botón nuclear que funciona.
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A nuclear button that works.
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