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National identity and Foreign policy: a brief analysis of their connection in Russia.- Martina Álvarez Portas.

This paper analyses how Russia’s national identity influences its foreign policy. Particularly, it focuses on how these identitarian factors shape President Vladimir Putin’s foreign policy choices. Briefly and swiftly it goes over the country’s history in order to establish the bases on which national identity is founded. Later on, it studies Russia’s identity construction as opposed to the West —being the “West” the “Other” against which Russia has built its image of “self”. Finally, the four questions regarding identity— who we are, how do we assume ourselves, how are we perceived and what do we aspire to – are addressed and commented upon, leading to the conclusion.


Document written by Martina Álvarez Portas. Student in the Master in Geopolitics and Strategic Studies, UC3M.  Mentored by professor José Luis Pontijas, Colonel analyst of IEEE.


© Copyright 2010 Spanish Institute for Strategic Studies