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The war in Libya and its oil resources: Order inside chaos?- Ricard Suñer Marzari.

Libya constitutes the last example of the resource curse or paradox of plenty, by which its natural resources are the reason why Libya has had in the past 10 years two civil wars: the first one in 2011, ending with Gaddafi’s fall; and the second one starting in 2014 and with no foreseeable end in sight, to fight for the control of its oil. The actors’ obsession with petrol has turned Libya into a powder keg, where the only thing that remains safe is the fuel. The natural resource enjoys a sort of protection by all actors even if at the same time it is the reason why they are killing themselves. The current Libyan instability too could be explained making reference to other factors, such as Libya’s tribal configuration or the presence of terrorism in the country. Overall, however perhaps the real reason for the self-destruction of Libya comes mainly from its obsession for petroleum, an obstinacy which may end destroying the country.

Document written by: Ricard Suñer Marzari. Student, double Degree in International Relations and Global Communication. Pontifical University of Comillas.


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